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Our Commitment to Safety and Well-Being

15 November 2021 |

As members of PT. Central Mega Kencana (Mondial, Frank&Co, The Palace), we strive to ensure that we are ready to welcome our customers back to the store. We follow the standards of health protocols set by the Government and we remain committed to providing service and comfort for all customers to be safe and comfortable in the store.

We fully support the requirements issued by local health authorities under the directions and provisions of the local Government. In order to suppress the spread of Covid-19 cases, we have prepared some comprehensive measures below to implement enhanced health protocols, which are subject to rigorous review. At every level, we will be committed to continuing to protect our customers we serve.

Before entering our store, there will be a body temperature check first for all frontliners and customers who come to the store not exceeding the temperature of 37.5°C

All of our frontliners in the store wear masks and face shields.

Regular medical check-up carried out by all frontliners.

Implement physical distancing in stores in accordance with Government regulations:

  1. Ensure that the distance between the frontliners seats and the customer is at least 1 meterMake sure physical distancing stickers are installed in the store area
  2. It is forbidden to crowd and gather in the store area
  3. Ensure a distance of at least 1 meter if there is communicating face to face with the customer.

Interacting without physical contact.

Use hand sanitizer periodically that has been provided in several areas:

  1. Before serving customer, are required to use hand sanitizer in front of the customer
  2. Our frontliners in charge in front ensure every visitor who will enter the store area uses hand sanitizer.

Cleaning and disinfection procedures are enhanced and applied in all areas of the store. Our dedicated frontliners cleans all surfaces and touch points regularly throughout the day.

All products and equipments used in the store will be disinfected before and after being used by customers.

The foods and drinks that we serve are sealed and guaranteed for cleanliness.

All of our frontliners who are in charge of the store have done the COVID-19 vaccine.

All of our frontliners receive ongoing training in the implementation of health protocols, such as customer interactions and customer welcome procedures. We will request some information from you upon visiting the store to ensure that we can understand your wishes, and tailor our services to meet your expectations.

As we have implemented, our highest priority is our obligation to maintain the health, safety and well-being of our customers and frontliners. We will continue to evaluate and adjust our hygiene and health protocols to meet the Government regulations affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. At this extraordinary time, we live by our values, which means doing everything we could to provide a safe and enjoyable visiting experience for our customers while also providing the best service we have.


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